2016 Advocacy Agenda

Working together we can be great!!

By: Tom Salomone 2016 NAR President

Earlier this month, REALTOR® federal policy leaders, from around the United States, gathered in Washington, DC to discuss our Association’s policy agenda. Facilitated by 2016 NAR Vice President Sherri Meadows, from Ocala, FL, in conjunction with NAR’s dedicated staff, this meeting of the minds proved to be tremendously beneficial.  Its key takeaways will help guide the Associations’ advocacy initiatives throughout 2016.

The meeting’s agenda was ambitious, yet well-constructed. Leading housing and real estate industry stakeholders, political prognosticators, and policy and research experts provided incredible insight on issues impacting homeownership and commercial investment, as well as conversations focused on the future of the housing market. These discussions provided attendees with a comprehensive industry outlook. Additionally, NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun shared results from NAR’s 2016 Public Policy Survey which gauged Realtors® views on various federal policy issues.

2016 advocacy

Based on REALTORS® feedback and priorities, NAR will focus the Association’s 2016 advocacy efforts on the following public policy initiatives:


  • State and Local Tax Deductions
  • Mortgage Interest Deduction
  • Mortgage Debt Cancellation Tax Relief
  • Capital Gains


  • Credit Availability
  • GSE (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) Restructuring, Liquidity and Lending
  • FHA Lifetime Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  • FHA Condominium Requirements & Financing
  • National Flood Insurance Reauthorization


  • Dodd-Frank Act Regulations (TRID Implementation)
  • Technology Issues (Patent Reform, Net Neutrality, Data Privacy & Security)
  • Appraiser Independence Regulations


  • 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges
  • Basel III
  • Lease Accounting
  • Waters of the United States

From an advocacy perspective, 2016 is going to be an important year for REALTORS®─ we have a lot of work ahead of us. More often than not, during an election year, policymakers tend to focus on the election, rather than the issues. But we have to keep pushing. It is critical for REALTORS® to come together and have our opinions heard. We need to speak with one voice, loudly and clearly, about the stability a sound and dynamic real estate market brings to our communities.

I need your help! While our REALTOR® federal policy leaders and NAR staff make an incredible team, we need the backing and involvement of our grassroots to ensure that issues important to REALTORS® stay first and foremost in the minds of legislators.

How YOU can help:

The good news is that the REALTOR® Action Center makes participation simple.

1.  Register to Vote.

If you are not already a registered voter, the REALTOR® Action Center will link you to the voter registration form for your state. Each state has different registration deadlines; don’t delay!

2.  Elect REALTOR® Champions.

Property ownership is not a partisan issue. Before you cast your vote, understand the key issues  impacting our industry. Support candidates that support REALTOR® issues!

3.  Act on REALTOR® Party Issues. 

When Congress is considering legislation that affects the real estate industry, NAR calls on its members to act, ensuring that the REALTOR® voice is heard. Through the REALTOR® Action Center, you can respond to our call, and with just a few quick clicks of your mouse, you can communicate directly with your member of Congress.  Sign up for REALTOR Party Mobile Alerts, and in mere seconds, you can respond to a Call for Action from anywhere.

4.  Invest in RPAC.

RPAC’s mission is to identify candidates for elected office on the local, state and national levels who will work with REALTORS® to promote and protect the American Dream of property ownership. Candidates that receive support from RPAC are not selected based on their political party or ideology, but solely on their support of real estate issues. While a third of NAR’s 1.1 million members contribute to RPAC, I know we can do better. Your participation is crucial─ especially in this important election year. Today is the day to invest in your future!

It has been said that America is the indispensable nation. The same can be said about real estate. We are the indispensable sector of the American economy.  As such, we cannot afford to have any harm done to homeownership and commercial investment. Our communities and our nation depend on the success of the real estate sector─ our communities and our nation depend on you.  Working together we can be great!!