Magic of the Season

by William E. Brown, 2017 NAR President


I was a “spirited” child growing up. Perhaps my family would choose a different adjective… let’s just say I had a lot of energy. However, in 1963, when I was eleven years old, either I got my act together, or Santa Claus turned a blind eye, because that year for Christmas I received the ultimate present – a 6-string Gibson guitar.

This wasn’t just a guitar; it was a work of art. Not only did it look smooth with its hand-buffed and high-gloss wood finish, but, put in the right hands, I thought that this 6-string guitar could sound like no other. This was a rock star’s guitar− many rock legends played either Gibson or Fender.

I imagine the exhilaration I felt that Christmas morning, holding the guitar in my adolescent hands, was on par with how John Lennon felt the first time the Beatles walked on stage to play the Ed Sullivan Show. Simply put, Christmas morning 1963 was pure magic!

While no Christmas gift has ever, or will ever, compare, the holiday season remains a magical time for me. As REALTORS®, we enjoy the greatest profession, but there is a tradeoff − we work tirelessly all year long. For most of our members, weekends and evenings are often spent with clients, and not at home with our loved ones. Thankfully, my wife, Heather, is more than understanding; she too is a REALTOR®.

In the Brown household the holiday season brings a welcomed lull. Our cell phones aren’t ringing, there are very few e-mails to return, and for a few brief but magical days, we spend time hunkered down in our own home, enjoying the peace that accompanies this special time of year.

Memories of my 6-string Gibson guitar still bring great joy, but these days, holiday magic is not found in a wrapped present under the tree. Instead, it’s about spending time with those that matter the most.

On behalf of the National Association of REALTORS® 2017 Leadership Team, I wish you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season and a happy and healthy year ahead.

Take this time to appreciate and to enjoy the magic of the season!