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NAR Leadership in the News: Week of November 17, 2014

NAR and the Leadership Team made news this week on a variety of issues, including advocacy, professionalism, the new Code of Excellence, housing market conditions, the FHA, and net neutrality. Chris Polychron: Advocating for Brokers in 2015 Steve A....
November 21, 2014

Standing Room Only at the St. Louis REALTORS® Broker Conference, Future Shock

NAR President-elect Chris Polychron addressed an audience of some 300 brokers at the St. Louis Association of REALTORS® Future Shock event focused on syndication....
October 20, 2014

NAR Leadership Team Hits the Road

NAR leadership will be promoting the critical role REALTORS® play at more than a dozen state and local conferences....
September 5, 2014

Who will win BIG? Posted by Vicki

By now, you know that one of my goals for 2010 is to have 6,000 brokers signed up for the Broker Involvement Program.  A member recently asked me why I thought brokers were so important to our advocacy. If...
February 1, 2010

My Holiday Wish for NAR in 2010, Posted by Vince

Happy Holidays! I’m Vince Malta, the 2010 NAR Vice President and Liaison to Government Affairs. As one of the newer members of the NAR Leadership Team, I’ve come to be even more convinced that member involvement is essential to...
December 22, 2009

FHA Still Strong and Trustwothy, Posted by Gary

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a study showing FHA coming very close to dropping below the federally mandated capital reserve ratio of two percent. People are worried that without the two percent financial cushion, FHA won’t...
September 24, 2009

We Are “On the Rise,” Posted by Vicki

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to address NAR’s 2010 state and local presidents-elect and association executives the Leadership Summit. It was a chance for me to explain our organization’s theme and goals for 2010 and to...
September 12, 2009

Smart Money, Dumb Article, Posted by Charles

We have heard from many of you lately regarding the recent article in SmartMoney entitled, “10 Things Your Real Estate Broker Won’t Say.” We share your outrage over the clear distortion and misrepresention of the service real estate professional...
July 20, 2009

Brokers Help Raise Our Voice, Posted by Vicki

There is no doubt that this year has been important for real estate and our economy on many different levels. What matters most to REALTORS® is how changes in the industry and government policy affect our clients, customers and...
June 5, 2009

Survival Tips, Posted By Steve

All of us who actively list and sell real estate are facing one of the most challenging times any of us have ever seen. From an agent’s point of view, we spend our workday trying to create a market...
December 15, 2008