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Transfer Tax Victory in Louisiana

By Moe Veissi, 2012 President, National Association of REALTORS® Moe shares a huge victory for REALTORS® in Louisiana and the REALTOR® Party Initiative, where the two groups came together to permanently ban real estate transfer taxes in that state....
December 2, 2011

State Transfer Tax Battle Goes to Louisiana, Posted by Elizabeth

REALTORS® banned them in Arizona, Montana and in my home-state of Missouri.  Now we’re taking the state transfer tax battle down south, to ban transfer taxes in Louisiana. As a passionate anti-transfer tax advocate, I was happy to help Louisiana...
June 2, 2011

Standing Up to Private Transfer Fees, Posted by Brooke

I’m proud that two years ago my state association, the Texas Association of Realtors®, stood up to an issue that would have increased the cost of housing and complicated closings.  We helped pass legislation that banned the use of...
March 3, 2010

Transfer taxes should not take root, posted by Vicki

Recently, we have seen a nationwide epidemic of states and local governments attempting to raise extra revenue by enacting transfer taxes. With the economy and the housing market suffering in many areas of the country, I question the wisdom...
February 21, 2008