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Utah Governor to Help Homeowners, Posted by Dick

I’m visiting the Utah REALTORS® this week, and several members of the Utah State leadership and I had a chance to meet with Gov. John Huntsman and Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert on Tuesday. Joining me in the photo below...
October 23, 2008

Case-Shiller Exposed (again), Posted by Dick

Last week, the Washington Post ran an exceptional article that explains why the Case-Shiller index, which gets a lot of media attention for its predictions of a housing collapse, is not a reliable measure of the market. The piece...
August 13, 2008

Crisis? What Crisis? – Posted by Dick

NAR has been trying for more than a year to put the current problems in the housing market in the proper perspective, telling the media and consumers that the housing “crisis” is really an isolated problem and that we...
July 3, 2008

On a Positive Note, Posted by Dick

Last Sunday, I opened the outlook section of the Washington Post and read the article, “Where Credit’s Due: Villans in the Mortgage Mess.” http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/story/2008/05/30/ST2008053002739.html?sid=ST2008053002739 The article (accurately) points out that there is sufficient blame to go around for the...
June 5, 2008

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Change Lending Policy, Posted by Charles

We have good news to report on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae’s declining market policies that have been hurting homebuyers in recent months. A bulletin issued by Freddie Mac on May 2 gives lenders new guidelines on how to...
May 9, 2008

State and Local Market Information, Posted by Lawrence

All real estate is local and every market is unique – it’s something we hear every day from our members, many of whom live and work in markets that aren’t following the latest reported national trends. That’s why the...
April 21, 2008

Why Use A REALTOR®? Posted by Pat

This Spring has certainly brought out not only flowers, but also a lot of lookers into the real estate market. Never before have I had so many questions asked of me regarding the economy, the housing market, re-sale values,...
April 11, 2008

Our Voice Rings in Washington, Posted by Dick

I wanted to give everyone a quick update on what’s happening in Washington these days. I know most of you have heard about the new Housing Stimulus Package currently being debating in the Senate – it’s been all over...
April 10, 2008

AEs Have High Hopes, Posted by Dick

I spent the last several days in Boston at NAR’s Association Executives Institute, and let me just say I was very impressed! More than 1300 association leaders where there, and their spirit is just indomitable. Nine out of ten...
April 3, 2008

Rosy or Just Plain Right? Posted by Dick

There’s a really good reason that NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun was recently named one of the top economic forecasters by USA Today and the Federal Reserve – it’s all about accuracy. This week, Lawrence proved just how reliable...
March 26, 2008