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Top-Down Solution, Posted by Lawrence

There are several policies that have been proposed, and some already in place, to address rising foreclosures. Nearly all are attempting to alleviate the problem by approaching it bottom-up rather than top-down. The bottom-up approaches involve a plan to...
March 17, 2008

Checking the Media Track Record, Posted by Dick

As you know, NAR has been criticized in the news media for our “rosey” outlook for the real estate market. More often than not, they say we are too positive about the prospects for housing values in the future....
March 4, 2008

TIME Gets the Message, Posted by Dick

Yesterday, I saw an article in TIME magazine that every REALTOR® and consumer should read. We’ve been working for months now to inform potential homebuyers that national headlines about the housing market are misleading, and it looks like TIME...
February 26, 2008