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Fix the Cap

By 2014 NAR President Steve Brown Because of NAR’s efforts and the REALTOR® Party‘s diligence, I am pleased to report that the United States House of Representatives passed the Mortgage Choice Act this past month. This bill would return...
July 2, 2014

Down with Higher Down Payments

By Gary Thomas, 2012 President-Elect, National Association of REALTORS® In 2011, all of you heard quite a bit about a devastating provision in the Dodd-Frank financial reform law called the Qualified Residential Mortgage or QRM. There was quite a...
December 14, 2011

QRM: Missing the Forest for the Trees, Posted by Gary

Do you know what the leading cause of foreclosure is? Survey says:  Poor underwriting. When a lender makes an unwise decision and gives a loan to a borrower with a poor credit history, that’s what leads to foreclosure.  This...
April 25, 2011